Premium welding blankets

Premium welding blankets

These welding blankets are manufactured from high-quality raw materials and meet the highest quality requirements. They can be used in situations where welding spatter or sparks reach very high temperatures. Premium welding blankets are available in various standard sizes or fully customised to customer specifications.

  • Approved according to the highest applicable standard
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical use
  • Produced from high quality materials
  • Suitable for high to very high temperatures

Below you will find four products from the Premium range of welding blankets that we distribute at Fire-Proof

Ares welding blanket

Ares is a heat-resistant fabric, covered on one side with 9 mm thick aluminium foil This foil guarantees that the fabric has a high heat reflection property. Fabric resistant to temperatures of 550ºC, radiation temperature ± 1000ºC and adhesive contact temperature ± 180ºC. Ares welding blankets are particularly suitable for protection against radiant heat.

  • Fibreglass fabric (textured)
  • 1 side aluminium foil
  • Temperature resistance 550°C
  • Adhesive contact temperature 180°C
  • Radiation temperature 1,000 °C
  • Protection against radiant heat
  • Material weight 1.060 gram/m².

Athos welding blanket

Athos is a fibreglass fabric with a double-sided PU coating (to increase slip resistance and firmness). The maximum temperature resistance is 550°C (short-term up to approx. 900°C). Athos is suitable for horizontal use.

  • Fibreglass fabric (textured)
  • 2 sided PU coating
  • Temperature resistance 550°C
  • Maximum temperature of 900°C
  • Material weight 1,120 grams/m²

Olympus welding Blanket

Olympus welding blankets are made from high quality silicate fabric. These welding blankets are suitable for use in extreme conditions. Olympus is characterised by its excellent properties, user-friendliness and resistance to high temperatures. For the heat-resistant fabric of Olympus, high-quality and environmentally friendly silicates are used. Olympus has a mineral-based coating to minimise fraying and strengthen the fabric.

  • Silicate fabric (filament)
  • High temperatures up to 1000 °C
  • Peak temperature of 1300°C
  • Extreme conditions
  • Appropriate horizontal use
  • Material weight 1,220 grams/m².

Thetis welding blanket

Thetis is a textured fiberglass fabric with a specially formulated layer of graphite polyurethane coating that provides high temperature and abrasion resistance. The maximum temperature resistance is 700°C (short-term up to approx. 900°C). Thetis is extremely suitable for horizontal use and heavy welding. The material is soft and flexible and is easy to sew.

  • Fibreglass fabric (textured)
  • 2 sides graphite + PU coating
  • Temperature resistance 700°C
  • Maximum temperature of 900°C
  • Suitable for horizontal use
  • Material weight 1.100 gram/m².

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